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Adrenalin Rush at Palayangan

What to do when visit Bandung? It's not just a city for you to spend money for shopping and eating. It has also some outdoor activities you will love to.

White Water Rafting
Located at around 45km South of Bandung, Palayangan River could be the best choice for white water rafting in Bandung. Water discharge is stable throughout the year and beautiful scenery of pine trees become value-added of Palayangan.

Starting point for this white water rafting activities is in Situ Cileunca, which have 14.000m square huge surrounded by pine trees and tea plantation. It becomes the main water source for Palayangan River. This 5km-long rafting trajectory could give another challenge of rafting.

The first cold water that splashed, will give you  a great sensation. No need to wait, you will meet first rapid only after 2 minutes. In rainy season like this, it'll be less paddling since several 'booms' waiting for you. And it'll thrilled you... a lot!

Location Details
Location: Palayangan River, Situ Cileunca (Situ is Sundanese term of Lake)
Lat/Long:  7°11'23"S   107°32'54"E
Elevation: 1200m above MSL
Temperature: 18-26degC
Grade: III - IV (at I-IV grading scale)
Length of rafting trajectory: 5km with 30-60degrees gradient.
Water Discharge: 2m3/sec (normal season), 4m3/sec (rainy season)
Time Consume per Rafting Trip: 45mnts - 1hrs.

Trip Advice:
- Take hotels at downtown Bandung and drive for 2hrs to get to location.
- Better to take the driver, local one would be better.
- Car rental will be provide at most of the hotels in Bandung.
- Best time to rafting: after mid-day.
- Never forget your waterproof camera!